Inspired by the art of cinema

‘There was a wave of Russian films which made their way to London during the eighties/nineties which I adored. None more so than Tarkovsky.. ..I believe Tarkovsky’s work has had an influence on my life and work in much the same way that certain key experiences stay with and enrich our lives, become points of reference and renewal. Seeing my first Tarkovsky film was to experience an epiphany of sorts. It registered deeply and profoundly.’ (DS, 1999)

In 1986, as Sylvian released Gone to Earth and found the material for the next solo album coming to him unexpectedly and freely, Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky unveiled what was to be his final movie – The Sacrifice. Illness had dogged the director during filming the previous the year, and he supervised the dubbing and editing of the film largely from hospital where he was being treated for lung cancer. He died on 29 December 1986. Continue reading “Maria”