The Day the Earth Stole Heaven

a ‘kind of playful love song’

The first fruits of David Sylvian’s collaboration with Burnt Friedman were heard on a 2005 three track vinyl ep entitled Out in The Sticks, in a line-up that also headlined ex-CAN drummer and past collaborator, Jaki Liebezeit. Sylvian appeared on only one of the cuts, contributing vocals to the original version of ‘The Librarian’ (see here for a discussion with Burnt themed around that track).

There was another piece on the ep that would soon sound much more familiar to fans of Friedman/Jansen/Sylvian in their incarnation as Nine Horses. As ‘The Librarian’ fades from sight, bright acoustic guitar chords herald ‘182/9’. Later we would recognise this as the unmistakable theme to ‘The Day the Earth Stole Heaven’. Tim Motzer’s guitar work is integral to the sprightly tempo and buoyant feel of that Nine Horses track. Indeed, his musical invention earned the only writing credit on the album outside the core trio. Continue reading “The Day the Earth Stole Heaven”

A History of Holes

The stories we create to tell ourselves

Snow Borne Sorrow by Nine Horses is an album that came from a strange origin of creative alchemy. Two projects were underway, collaborations between David Sylvian and Steve Jansen, and between Sylvian and the German composer/programmer Burnt Friedman (initially featuring Jaki Liebezeit). Continue reading “A History of Holes”