Darkest Dreaming

Climbing down from the mountain

David Sylvian really knows how to end an album on the perfect note. ‘Brilliant Trees’ captures a faltering faith but the wonder of human love as the summation of his debut release of the same name. Secrets of the Beehive, in its original incarnation, leaves the question ‘is our love strong enough?’ hanging in the air, extending beyond the last notes of ‘Waterfront’ and into our own thoughts. The ‘sunshine above the grey sky’ of ‘A Fire in the Forest’ calms the atmosphere after the brutal soul-searching of Blemish.

A lot of ground has been covered on Dead Bees on a Cake before it draws to a close.. ..the joy of marriage, first experiences with holy teachers, devotion to the vibrant Hindu gods, finding beauty amid brokenness, exploring Europe and road-trips across the length and breadth of the US, becoming a parent.. Then this album too reaches its exquisite conclusion, on this occasion in a pairing of tracks – ‘Praise’ and ‘Darkest Dreaming’. The first features the singing of Indian holy woman Shree Maa, recorded when she stayed with the Sylvian family in Minneapolis. It’s like the sound of true light, shining brightly. And then comes ‘Darkest Dreaming’ which brings back to mind the darker undercurrents that exist in life, but does so in reaching out for the embrace of another. Continue reading “Darkest Dreaming”

I Surrender

The joy of love, human and divine

‘I Surrender’. The track that broke a long silence. In the preceding years only a handful of collaborative tracks had been released and indeed Sylvian admitted that at times the (happy) circumstances of his life may have resulted in him leaving music behind altogether. Continue reading “I Surrender”