‘A man out of time’

Manafon. Manafon? What could it mean? Scurrying to a search engine it was soon discovered that David Sylvian’s new album was named after a small rural community located in the hills of Montgomeryshire, the northern part of the Welsh county of Powys. But that just raised more questions! Why?!

Such became the mystified opening question for any interviewer at the time. Factual connections were quickly made, but more than that, an insight was provided into the heart of Sylvian’s new work. ‘The question, “Why Manafon?” leads me on a journey that reveals something of the nature of the entire project,’ explained Sylvian in one of the discussions on release in 2009. Continue reading “Manafon”

Small Metal Gods

‘A new frontier’

From the completion of The World is Everything tour in 2007 there was great anticipation of David Sylvian’s next vocal project. Sketchy details surfaced of earlier studio sessions with members of the experimental improvisation group Polwechsel, and a release date in autumn 2008 was mooted – but the year closed without any news. Continue reading “Small Metal Gods”