Ghosts – live

‘some sense of nostalgia’

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember why you made a particular decision. Especially one that you wish you could change afterwards… It was late 1982 and I was in the final year at school. Important exams were looming the following year which would determine whether I would achieve my ambition of going to university, and if so, which one I might attend. My fascination with Japan had developed in the preceding months as the singles ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Cantonese Boy’ had been lifted from Tin Drum, catching my attention and drawing me to the album. The plethora of Hansa singles had got me exploring the back catalogue, and I was guided through by an enthusiastic friend.

Sometime in the weeks before Japan’s series of six concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, my friend had some important news for me. He had a contact who had bought tickets for a number of the London shows, but had now decided not to attend them all. There was a spare ticket and I could buy it! Continue reading “Ghosts – live”