Science Fiction

‘comprehending our scale within the universe’

Early in the 2000s, Charles Lindsay hit upon an innovative approach to the creation of photographic images that would transform his artistic work, and, without exaggeration, alter the course of his life. The techniques he used were grounded equally in his scientific education and aesthetic sensibilities as an artist. He created pictures that captured the imagination both of academics and fellow artists, leading him into collaborations with individuals from both disciplines – including David Sylvian and Steve Jansen.

Lindsay trained as a geologist, visiting the Arctic as a student to obtain relevant work experience which would also help to fund his studies. Living in Canada from a young age he grew up immersed in the grandeur of the natural world – but the Arctic was unlike anything else. The environment he encountered there made a lasting impression on the young man. ‘It was my first exposure to vast, tree-less, human-less landscapes. And that was really exciting to me. It was also the beginnings of photography for me, and the camera became the lens through which I experienced the world.’

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